• Sustainable Farming

    2 large bases, 1 consistent GAP program.


    Shenglong Modern Farm

    A division of Longyun Foods

  • Soil

    The soil at Longyun Farms is alive with sunshine and rain and living organisms. Soil is the lifeblood of the farm. We know the only way we can truly be sustainable farmers is to make the soil healthier through our farming methods year after year. At Longyun, we use conservation tillage to reduce erosion and increase the organic matter, cover crops to return nitrogen to the soil, annual soil tests to guide our crop-specific nutrient management programs and rubber tracks or wide tires wherever possible to reduce soil compaction.


    We strive for the most efficient irrigation possible. From a technical standpoint, we use drop tubes on our linear and pivot irrigation systems to reduce water losses due to evaporation and drift. We also use drip irrigation to provide water directly to the crop root zone. We continue to improve our irrigation scheduling techniques, using weather, soil moisture and evapo-transpiration data to track water use and needs.​​


    The effort and skill that our employees put forth is instrumental to all of our efforts at Longyun. As we work to contribute to the communities in which we farm, we realize the importance of creating a range of employment opportunities. We value contributions to the team while honoring every individual. We are absolutely committed to safe and fair working conditions, so much so that we have sought and achieved third-party certification of our labor practices.


    Longyun sees innovation as a key tool to improve soil, energy use, water, biodiversity and food safety. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to use technology and will continue incorporating creative, sustainable ideas into our farming practices. For example, in 2010, Longyun will introduce the first biodegradable bag in frozen fruits and vegetables. And, using GPS-guided tractors, we are able to cultivate with ever-increasing accuracy, reducing synthetic farm inputs and diesel fuel usage.​


    At Longyun, we farm with nature. Here in the Xiangyun Valley, the abundant wetlands, rivers and rich soils that make such good farming also attract a wide variety of wildlife. To protect riparian areas, we create a healthy, natural flora buffer to prevent runoff and provide wildlife habitat.

    Our wildlife neighbors include eagles, hawks, and every year dozens of species of migrating birds and waterfowl make a stopover here for food and rest, and we look forward to seeing them.

    Bio Fertilizer

    Shenglong Modern Farm, a national leader in sustainable agriculture, operates a first-of-its-kind Biological Compound Plant by producing fertilizer from fruit and vegetable byproduct. The cutting-edge plant supports Longyun's goal of minimizing its heavy-metal footprint and gaining fertilizer independence through the creation of a recyclable, on-farm fertilizer source. A recent innovation in China, and most commonly associated with dairy farming operations, anaerobic digesters have been creating organic fertilizer in Europe for decades.


    GLOBAL G.A.P. Certified by SGS



    Shenglong Modern Farm is the first company in Yunnan and the first greenhouse grower in the Southwest China to meet the GLOBAL GAP standards.

  • What Do We Say

    Starting from the 1st base, then to the 2nd base, along the way, Longyun learns to be knowledgeable about Sustainable Farming and we are quite an expert now.

    --- Liu Shaoyang, Farming Director

    At Longyun, we define sustainable as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

    --- Liu Wenwu, Field Manager