• A company @ blessed location

    In the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, where is capsulated as an large and open greenhouse.

    Substainable farming on 2 bases

    5+ years' continuous efforts to secure the 3 crop seasons' supply of best materials.

    Round, Roma,

    Baby Plum Tomatoes


    Slow-roasted, Sun-dried.

    Halves, Wedges.

    A wide rang of the award-winning tomato products.





    Grilled Vegetables

       Char-grilled vegetables will subvert your impression of vegetables.




    The organic combination of silvopastoralism and base.

  • Welcome to Longyun Foods

    Appreciate the Nature

    Sustainable Farming

    Thanks to the unparalleled location, Longyun's two large farms are of mineral-rich soil. Our philosophy of sustainability guides our farming practices and affects the way we use energy and care for soil, water and people. On top of it, GAP is implemented for the optimal agricultural results. Learn more...

    Streamlined Processing

    Over the recent 5 years, Longyun has massively invested to improve the processing facilities for higher automation and less food safety risks. We identify the Critical Control Points and carry out the HACCP program to ultimately manufacture the food products of highest standards. Learn more...

    Ever-improving QC

    Since day 1, it was realized that a dedicated QC team and on-site laboratory is the essential part of quality program. As such we leverage on what we have built up to assure that all of our deliveries not only meets the customers' specification bust also exceed their expectations. Learn more...